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Acorn Carpet Care
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We use the best cleaning systems available for the best results!

Terms and Conditions


We are committed to providing each customer with a first class, professional service from start to finish. To make sure we can provide this promise we have set out below our terms and conditions, so you can see what you can expect from us when you place an order and what we expect of you in return.

Please ensure to read these terms and conditions so any possible misunderstandings are avoided.



‘We, Us, Our, Ourselves’ – In these terms and conditions we define ‘We’, ‘Us’, Our, ‘Ourselves’ as Acorn Carpet Care.

‘Service/Services’ – Service/Services will refer to any type of work we carry out.

‘Customer’ – Customer means any person, company or firm who enlists Acorn Carpet Care to carry out any work.

‘Estimate’ – Estimate means an approximate price, an exact price (quotation) will be given once the area to be cleaned is measured by ourselves.

‘Soiled areas’ – Soiled areas means areas of carpet that contain high amounts of dirt, grit and staining.



Unless otherwise agreed in writing by us these terms and conditions shall apply to all work we provide and shall override any terms or conditions stipulated or referred to by the customer whether in the order or in any negotiation.

By ordering our services by telephone, email, fax, online or in person the customer agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to change any part of these terms and conditions without giving any prior notice.



All fragile and breakable items should be secured or removed from the area to be cleaned by the customer before we arrive.

The customer shall be responsible for removing all furniture and goods where applicable, before we arrive. We will not accept liability for any damaged furniture or goods we move that were not removed by the customer.

All valuables and small items are to be removed before we arrive, we are unable to move any heavy, large or fragile furniture, any electrical equipment or goods of high value.

Estimated prices will be given based on average area sizes, an exact price will be given once the area to be cleaned has been measured by ourselves.

We charge per square metre and all orders are subject to a minimum charge of £80.

We have the right to amend the initial price should your original requirements change.

Payment is due on completion of work by either cash or credit/debit card. Please note we do not accept cheques.

Estimated times of how long the job will take are only estimated times and may take longer.

Appointment times of either AM (8-12) or PM (12-5) will be given. We cannot provide exact calling times.

We require a minimum of 1 working days cancellation notice otherwise a cancellation charge will apply.

Customers who are not present at the appointed time may be charged a minimum call out charge.



All our customers are required to:

Provide electricity and running water.

Keep children and animals safe and away from areas being cleaned.

Make us aware of any alarms, wires or anything that may cause a problem to our cleaning process.

Move as much furniture out of the areas to be cleaned as possible.

Make us aware of any D.I.Y attempts to clean carpets or remove any stains as this may affect the cleaning process.

Allow carpets to fully dry before replacing any furniture. Wood dye from furniture legs may stain carpets if furniture is moved before carpets are fully dry.

Inspect all carpets once work is completed. All complaints must be received within 1 working day or they will not be taken into consideration.


Please note:

We cannot be held liable if the cleaning process reactivates odours from old spills or stains.

We will not be held liable for work not completed, or not completed to a high standard if other people are present in the areas we are cleaning.

Our work excludes the clearing of debris created by tradesmen or building work unless otherwise stated.

We reserve the right to cancel any job if the condition of the area to be cleaned is hazardous to our health.

Whilst every care is taken by us when on site the security of the premises remains the customers responsibility.



It may not be possible to remove all spots and stains from your carpet. We accept no responsibility if we are unable to fully remove a stain. We will not be held responsible for any colour change that may take place on stains that have been previously treated by a third party.



We cannot be held liable for shrinkage if:

Carpets have not been fitted properly

Carpet is faulty

Edges or seams are not fully secure

Carpets have been repaired

We do not accept responsibility for shrinkage or colour migration arising out of, or as a direct result of the cleaning process.



All protective treatments we apply to carpets are done so in compliance with the manufacturers instructions. These protections are not designed to give unlimited protection, but to assist in repelling spills for a reasonable period of time.

All treatments will eventually wear off, the more foot traffic a carpet receives the quicker the treatment will wear off.

We do not guarantee that protective treatments will stop 100% of liquids spilled from penetrating fibres.



Traffic lines may become apparent or more apparent once a cleaning process has taken place. (Traffic lines are areas that visibly show more signs of wear, such as doorways and in front of sofas)

Highly soiled areas once cleaned may show existing stains that were previously covered by excess soiling.

We cannot be held responsible for: wear, sun damage or discolouring of fibres becoming more visible once soil has been removed.


We will not be held liable for the loss, expense, damage, delay, costs or compensation which may happen to the customer arising from:

Our failure to carry out a service which is beyond our control

Existing damage to a customers property such as: old stains, burns, worn down backing or excessive wear and tear.

Unsatisfactory results due to client walking on carpets during or shortly after the cleaning process.


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